About Star Taxes and Books

Tamra HalleyStar Taxes and Books is the culmination of a dream the owner, Tamra Halley has had for a while.  Working as a corporate bookkeeper for national grocery chain showed her what happens when a business values the information from it’s books.  It also showed her what happens when a business doesn’t, more on this later.  From that experience she created the desire to bring the tools and knowledge the big corporations have to small business owners.  Which will help them succeed, grow and create more jobs for the local economies.   She felt there had to be a way to bring these tools and knowledge to small businesses, at a price and scale they could afford.  She also wanted the service to be able to scale up as the business scales up.

A little back history and further explanation on earlier statements.  Working as a corporate bookkeeper for a national grocery chain, Tamra quickly learned two key lessons.

  1. Stores that didn’t value the bookkeeper position struggled with books that never balanced, had unrecognized loses (theft) and no real understanding of where the store stood on profitability.
  2. There were lots of reports available, that were seldom used and yet were invaluable in understanding every aspect of the store and what was going on.

Tamra quickly became a person they sent to “problem” stores.  Her job was to:

  • Clean up the books.
  • Help them find out where and why they had so much loss
  • Teach their bookkeepers how she was able to do these things.

From the information they already had, but didn’t use, or in lots of cases know how to use, she could show them:

  • When an employee was stealing from them.
  • How, when and where procedural errors were costing them significant amounts of money.
  • How their actual spending, in all areas compared to their budget and goals.

Tamra’s goal was to create a business that would provide small businesses with affordable, detailed bookkeeping services, as if they had their own bookkeeper on staff, without the cost and overhead of actually having one on staff.  Tamra felt small business owners could be more successful, as well as grow their businesses quicker and easier if they could see where and how money was really ‘coming in and going out of’ their business on a regular basis, from a business view, rather than just once a year and from an income tax view.  With that, Star Taxes and Books was created!

It’s time for you to start spending more of your time doing the things you love and get paid the most for in your business!  Let us help you keep your business in balance and provide you with the detailed business reports you need to grow your business!  Give us a call today to see how we can help you grow your business!