Star Taxes and Books provides small businesses with affordable, detailed bookkeeping services, as if they had their own bookkeeper on staff, without the cost and overhead of actually having one on staff.  We know small business owners could be more successful, as well as grow their businesses quicker and easier if they could see where and how money was really ‘coming in and going out of’ their business on a regular basis, from a business view, rather than just once a year and from an income tax view.

Extensive use of modern technology and apps allows us to provide our services to small businesses across the US, while maintaining the quality and security of our services and your information!

It’s time for you to start spending more of your time doing the things you love and get paid the most for in your business!  Let us help you keep your business in balance and provide you with the detailed business reports you need to grow your business!  Give us a call today to see how we can help you grow your business!